How Do I Sell My Gemstones?
Photo courtesy of AGTAQuestion: I have come into some loose gemstones that were left to me. They're all cut, but I don’t even know what most of them are. I want to sell them but don't know how to. Is there any way you could refer me to someone who would want them or tell me how much they're worth?

Answer: I recommend you consult a gemologist/appraiser to determine the identity and value of the stones. A Certified Gemologist or Certified Gemologist Appraiser of the American Gem Society can best advise you on how to sell them. But you first need to know what they are and how much they’re worth.

Some jewelers will offer to purchase your gemstones – and there is no charge to obtain this offer. Jewelers may also offer to sell items on consignment - meaning you leave them, with a receipt -- and agree on the share to each of you when sold. Usually, there is no charge for this up-front. Some jewelers may offer you a trade-in value toward another piece of jewelry. This could represent the best value.

If you only want to have them identified and appraised for their replacement value, expect to pay according to the time it would take the appraiser to complete the assignment. The appraiser should give you an estimate before you decide to proceed. You won't get full replacement value for them when selling, but depending on the quality of the stones and your market, expect less than 50% of replacement value.

An American Gem Society jeweler will be able to advise you on the best approach to selling gemstones or jewelry. Visit the website, and click on Sell Your Jewelry. You can search jewelers in your area who are interested in purchasing gems and jewelry.